Prince George's County Police vehicle crash leaves civilian dead

A Prince George’s County Police vehicle was involved in a fatal collision with another vehicle Wednesday morning.

The civilian driver of the other vehicle was taken to a local hospital and died. Police have identified him as James Dejay Toliver, of the 10700 block of Castleton Way in Upper Marlboro.

The officer was identified as Corporal Michael Mogavero, a nine-year veteran assigned to the Special Operations Division.

The crash occurred along Route 197 and London Lane in Bowie at about 3 a.m. The Prince George's Police officer was heading to the scene of an unrelated vehicle crash when the police vehicle struck the side of another vehicle at an intersection.

“As he (the officer) approached the intersection of Collington Road and London Lane, a vehicle entered the intersection and into the path of the police vehicle. The police vehicle struck the other vehicle in the driver's door,” says Prince George’s County Deputy Chief Hector Velez. “We do not know if the officer had the green light or if the other vehicle had the green light--we're trying to figure that out.”

Since the officer was responding to an accident, they believe he had his flashing lights and/or siren on, but are checking the cruiser dashcam video for information.

Neighbors say there was another fatal accident here just last year.
The speed limit in this stretch is 40 miles per hour.

The officer suffered minor injuries and was released from the hospital.

Police said they are continuing to investigate the incident.