Prince George's county liquor board passes rules for alcohol deliveries

The liquor board in Prince George’s County unanimously passed regulations on alcohol deliveries at its meeting Wednesday evening.

Charles Caldwell III, the board's commissioner, said "it's a good rule."

Liquor deliveries are allowed in the county and have been for decades. A handful of county liquor stores claim the provision lacks specific guidelines.

As part of the new rules, employees would have to ask for a customer's ID, and would only be allowed to deliver to the person who placed the order. No deliveries would be made to people under 21.

Once at a customer's door, employees have to record what type of ID was shown, the name of the person and time of delivery. The customer has to sign the form.

Deliveries can be made only by employees over 18 who have to have a certificate from an alcohol awareness program. Stores would have to pay $250 annually to get their license renewed.

Shortly after 7 p.m., about a dozen people had gathered for the hearing, in addition board members. The measure passed without audience discussion.