Prince George's County investigating Langley Park robbery

An elderly woman was tricked into believing she was helping children when she was robbed.

Prince George’s County police are looking for a woman who took advantage of an elderly woman at a Langley Park grocery store and stole thousands of dollars from her.

On January 12, an 84-year-old woman was approached in a parking lot by a woman holding two toddlers and a baby.

"They had not had anything to eat for two days," said the elderly woman, who spoke to ABC7. "She had a check and asked me to cash it for her."

After agreeing to take her to the bank, another woman appeared and took the three kids.

"She told the [elderly woman] she had a gun," said Marc Alexander with the Prince George's County Police Dept. The woman then "withdrew several thousand dollars from her bank account. These suspects targeted her because of her age and vulnerability."

The attacker then made the woman take her back to the grocery store.

Shoppers were stunned by the brazenness of the crime.

"It's awful they take advantage of these old people," said shopper Joanne Christian.

The woman wants to warn other elderly people.

"I'm sure someone else is having this done to them right now," the woman said. "I just hope they get caught."

Police don't believe this is the first time the attacker used this ruse to commit a crime and want to hear from anyone else who has had an experience like this.