Prince George's County heroes honored at Public Safety Valor Awards

Last November, 5-year-old Christina Luckett almost lost her life, but thanks to a group Prince George's County firefighters, she's got a long future ahead of her.

On Wednesday, Christina was on hand at the Prince George's County Public Safety Valor Awards in Greenbelt to see the three firefighters honored for their work.

While in the throes of an asthma attack, Christina's heart stopped beating and she stopped breathing. However, three Clinton first responders, including volunteer firefighters Ashley Butler, brought her back to life.

"I feel extremely honored," Butler said. "I never thought I'd see the day I'd accomplish something like this."

Not long after her recovery last fall, Christina and her mom went to the firehouse to show their gratitude. She got to do it again today.

"I thank her for saving my life," Christina said.

For Butler, though, she and her colleagues say they what they all say - they were just doing their jobs.

"(I'm) extremely happy I could be part of something like that," she said.

Another public safety official, Police Sgt. Robbie Loveday, was honored for standing up to a hostage-holding bank robber in Takoma Park in January of 2011.

In that incident, which was all caught on camera, Loveday and other officers shot and killed a person who tried to rob a Capital One Bank branch on University Boulevard in Takoma Park as he held hostages.