Prince George's County firefighters rescue cat from car's wheel well

The 7-week-old kitten was rescued from the car's wheel well. Photo: Prince George's County Fire

It's not every day that firefighters are called upon to rescue a cat from a tree anymore. It's probably even more rare when they're asked to rescue a cat from inside the hood of a car.

It happened, though, on Tuesday in Landover, and Prince George's County Police were able to come to the rescue of a 7-week-old kitten.

The rescue began Tuesday afternoon when a man driving a Lexus sedan approached firefighters at a fire station on Landover Road and told them he heard a constant meow from the front of his car. When county fire Capt. Eric Hurt started searching around, he was able to find a male kitten in an empty space between a front wheel well and the car's engine.

Firefighters were then able to dismantle the wheel well and remove the remarkably uninjured cat from the engine compartment.

The kitten is now under the care of Prince George's County's animal management division.