Prince George's County denies deal reached with Fort Washington homeowners damaged by landslide

Photo: WJLA

FORT WASHINGTON, Md. (WJLA) - The Washington Post reported an agreement between Prince George's County and residents driven from their homes by a landslide.

But according to county officials, that's news to them.

Most of the Piscataway Hills residents are back in their homes, even though the problem has not been fixed. And they say they're growing desperate with no resolution in sight.

A county official tells ABC7 that all the residents received was an option. But it was just a possible solution, one the county says it doesn't have the money to carry out.

Six houses were condemned, deemed unsafe. For almost four months the former occupants have had to live elsewhere.

"We're still paying our mortgage; we're paying for rent," says Cherie Cullen, owner of a condemned home.

In May a heavy rain caused part of a large hill to wash away. It knocked out water and sewer lines, as well as electricity. It also took out part of the road which winds through the subdivision.

"These houses will be the sacrificial lambs," says Tracy Rookard, owner of a condemned home.

A few weeks ago the county presented the residents with several options, including compensation to owners of the six condemned homes and money for shoring up the hill and repairing the damaged road. But the county doesn't have the money.

The option the residents want would cost $15.8 million. The county only has $11 million for the project.

County officials says keep in mind it is compensating them for property owned by the residents not the county.

Meanwhile the homeowners have one more bill for their empty homes. The tax bills arrived recently.