Prince George's County bans gun shows

Jack Donald spent President's Day helping customers exercise a civic right.

The former law enforcement officer and gun owner is now a gun salesman at Maryland Small Arms Range, Inc. Right now, Donald says, guns are hard to find in local stores. And now, it will be impossible to find them at local gun shows.

"It's just a knee jerk reaction to the tragedies that have occurred and...the legislation," Donald explained.

Wavering gun laws have Prince George's County rethinking its stance on gun shows. Until issues on Capitol Hill and Annapolis are resolved, Prince George’s County Parks and Planning Commission's Anita Pesses says there's an immediate ban on all gun exhibitions on county property.

"Right now, it's in everyone's advantage to put this on hold until we find out what's really going on," Pesses added.

She says the ban isn't intended to stop lawful gun buyers.

"It's really whether or not the county wants to participate in hosting gun shows on public property on taxpayer facilities," she explained.

Back at the Maryland Small Arms Range, Donal says it's an assault on buyers who intend on following the law.

"It's discouraging. I don't see any reason for it. It's a legitimate, regulated business."

The bank does not apply to Montgomery County.

Only one gun show has been affected so far - the Silverado Gun Show, which was supposed to take place this weekend at the Showplace Arena.