Prince George's County activates speed cameras

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      Prince George's County's new speed camera program is now going live and now issuing tickets. The initially selected locations are as follows:

      8400-9000 block(s) of Allentown Rd 9000-9200 blocks of Muirkirk Road 5700-6300 blocks of Ager Road 7600-6900 blocks of Adelphi Road 9400-9700 blocks of Temple Hill Road 6900-7400 blocks of Walker Mill Road 9100-10000 blocks of Ardwick Ardmore Road 6800-7100 blocks of High Bridge Road 1800-2400 Owens Road 2100-2600 blocks of Sansbury Road 11600-11900 blocks of Old Baltimore Pike 5400-6100 blocks of Sargeant Road 6700-7100 blocks of Columbia Park Road 2100-2400 County Road 9800-9900 blocks of Good Luck Road 9800-10000 blocks of Allentown Road 8300-8600 Contee' Road 2200-2500 blocks of Ritchie Road 800-1100 blocks of Hill Road 000-800 blocks of Harry S. Truman Drive 6100-6400 blocks of Auth Road 500-1100 blocks of Brightseat Road 4600-5600 blocks of Brinkley Road 5000-5300 blocks of Marlboro Pike