Prince George's Co. police to live-tweet prostitution sting

(WJLA) - Prince George's County police said they plan to document a prostitution sting live on Twitter next week - including photos.

"We won't tell you when or where, other than it's somewhere in the county, sometime next week," the department's announcement reads. "The PGPD's Vice Unit will conduct a prostitution sting, and we'll tweet it out as it happens."

"From the ads to the arrests, we'll show you how the PGPD is battling the oldest profession," the announcement continued.

The live tweets will reportedly include photos and information on suspects.

The department said this is a new tactic that they hope will discourage people considering future participation in prostitution.

"We're using this progressive, and we believe unprecedented, social media tactic to warn any potential participants that this type of criminal behavior is not welcome in Prince George's County," the announcement indicated.