Prince George's Co. law would allow for feral cats

The Saffells say it’s about time. The couple, who are self-proclaimed animal lovers, are big fans of a nationwide method to control the cat population.

“It’s a small step for Prince George’s County, but I think it would be a major step for animals in Prince George’s County,” says Linda Saffell.

If passed into law, it would allow feral cats with clipped ears to be released outdoors.

Cats with clipped ears is a sign they have been vaccinated, spayed or neutered.

“That is the way to address concerns about cats in the neighborhood, is to control their breeding and decease the population humanely,” says Saffell.

The District has had similar laws in place for a few years and the Washington Humane Society says it works for several reasons.

Feral cats aren’t killed. Fewer are taken into animal shelters, making more space for other animals who really need the medical attention. They call it TRN, or Trap, Neuter and Return.

“Nobody wants to euthanize animals, especially those of us working in the animal protection field,” says Scott Giacoppo of the Washington Humane Society.

More animals die as a result of human action than a feral cat in an alley. The Saffells say they know this, so they can’t wait for the proposed law to go to full council sometime in November.