Prince George's businesses left out of LivingSocial deals

Prince George's County businesses left out of Living Social deals

It's not just last week's snowfall that has Prince George's County businesses feeling left out in the cold. It's the people at

Among other businesses in the area, the Elevation Burger in Prince George’s County is feeling left out. LivingSocial’s website shows deals for businesses in nearby Montgomery and Howard counties, Baltimore and Annapolis.

But the selection for consumers in one of Maryland's most populous counties is conspicuously low.

Angel Guzman, the manager at one of Elevation Burger's two locations in the county said that they would love to be featured on Living Social. “I would marry it. That's how much I would love it."

Christol Salon and Spa in Clinton has applied several times to get on LivingSocial. Spa owner Christol Williams said that they “made it as far as the interviewing process, a phone interview and it just didn't go anywhere from there.”

After checking the online deal maker, Williams made a troubling discovery, saying “you know, there wasn't any other businesses in Prince George's County that were on LivingSocial.”

The issue soon came to the attention of Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce President Rhonda Slate.

“As a test case, [I] put in my ZIP code and did a search for restaurants and spas and the closest that came up was 14 miles away in Montgomery County,” she said. "It's a very hurtful feeling to be honest.”

With 2,300 businesses, nearly one million residents and a median household income of $70,000, many in Prince George’s County think their community is ideal for LivingSocial’s sought-after hyperlocal links.

The people at LivingSocial told 7 On Your Side that while some county businesses are featured in the D.C. section of the site, the county “does not have enough merchant variety” in core categories like restaurants, spas and other social activities to be featured as a hyperlocal market.