Presidential inauguration hotel rooms sell out quickly

Despite the presidential election being months away, hotel reservations for next year's inauguration are already selling fast.

Whether you're looking for a low-end or high-end hotel, rooms are running out quickly. And if a high-end room is a must for you, be ready to pay.

Allen Haigh of Yorkshire, England wanted the chance to see the presidential inauguration, but it quickly became clear a summer vacation in Washington, D.C. would have to do instead.

Haigh said, "Thinking it would be quite an occasion, thinking it would be good, but I don't think we'll ever have the opportunity..."

With 144 days left until Inauguration Day, trying to find a D.C. area hotel room for the night is already becoming a tough task, and in many cases, an expensive one.

"We've already had quite a lot of calls and inquires about our rates and prices, which range from $1,000 for a regular room to $1,995 club rooms, which is a suite," said Ritz Carlton Hotel - Georgetown General Manager David Child.

The Ritz Carlton is among a large number of hotels that have already booked up many rooms, and that's even with a four-night minimum stay commitment.

On the other end of the spectrum, rooms at more affordable hotels are dwindling fast, as their rates rise for the rooms still vacant.

The Inn of Rosslyn expects to be sold out of its 37 rooms in days. The $129 nightly rate is about double the usual rate.{ }

If you're wondering, the priciest room ABC7 found for the inauguration is the Park Hyatt Hotel's presidential suite. It's still available for the four-night inauguration weekend - for $57,000.