President Obama to speak at Centreville High School during Virginia tour

President Obama is having a campaign event at Centreville High School on Saturday. And today, people lined up early to get tickets to be there.

People are lining up across the Commonwealth as President Obama makes a two-day sweep in Virginia.

At the Democratic Party headquarters on Lee Highway in Fairfax, the first person set up at 9 a.m. By the afternoon, hundreds were in line.{ }

The exact number of tickets to be given away for Saturday's presidential event at Centreville High School is not being released at this time.

He's ready to sit awhile and wait, but for Johnny Arnold six hours in the July heat is a worthy price for a free ticket to see the president.

"He's working really hard to make things happen," he says.

Sydney Trapp has met the first lady and is waiting for her ticket to see the president.

"I never got to hug the president, but I hugged his wife," she says.

The president's final stop Saturday is at Centreville High School, where the rush is on to get the school ready for hundreds.

"We're thrilled! This is a lifetime thing for us," Steve Rorls says.

Monica Nazir and Lexie Moles, senior class officers, are making special plans for the president's visit.

"We're class board and we get to plan everything that the seniors do," Moles says.

"Maybe make some 'welcome to our school' banners," Nazir says.

The venue is significant to young people who are concerned about college loan debt.

Erik White from Ashburn was the first in line at the Fairfax location. This year is the first time he'll be old enough to vote.

"To be able to vote and be able come out and talk and hear what he has to say," he says.

Air Force veteran Natasha Frye says waiting in line is her way of being committed to learning about the issues.

"I want to hear what he's going to speak on about the veterans and about Obamacare," Frye says.