Pregnant woman shot

(By Gail Huff, ABC7 News)

A pregnant woman was shot while inside her apartment in Southeast D.C. Thursday evening.

The bullet pierced her apartment's glass door and struck her in the leg. Police are not identifying the woman, who lives in a second floor apartment on First Street Southeast near the intersection with Atlantic Avenue.

Police examined the woman’s glass door that was shattered in what appears to be a bizarre accident. The woman was standing inside next to the sliding glass door when a bullet shattered the glass and struck her.

Capt. Byron Hope says the woman was rushed to the hospital and is expected to live. It appears the unborn child was not hurt.

Police are investigating whether the woman was caught by a stray bullet that was fired during an outdoor fight between two groups of young men

“We know there was an altercation in the alley behind the building,” a police spokesperson said.

A block away from the woman's apartment building on First Street, police found bullet casings. Police are asking for the public's help in finding the shooter. Anyone with information is urged to call 727-9099.