Prayer rally held for toddler shot by stray bullet in Southeast

Last month, a three-year-old girl was caught in a crossfire, hit by a stray bullet while she was playing outside on her balcony.

Sunday night a community came together for prayer and to make a plea for help in finding the shooter.

Angels of Hope Community Center held a prayer rally one month to the day after the child was shot

Surveillance video captured the shooting and the shooter can be seen.

But no one from the community has come forward with information that might help police.

Community activist Claudia Harrison called for the prayer rally. She says the Elvans Road neighborhood is plagued with violence, despite a high-profile police presence.

"It's not even summer yet and we've had two other shootings," Harrison says. “We need help before another incident happens. That bullet went through her leg. Next time we may not be so lucky. It might be somebody's heart or head."