Powerball: States win big in Powerball

Custmers waiting to buy lottery tickets in Maryland. (Photo: Kendall Griggs)

Even the thought of selling the winning Powerball ticket leaves Tooshar Chowdry at a loss for words.

Since the Powerball craze took hold, people have been pouring in to Chowdry's Exxon shop in Falls Church spending big money to win big - in part because they know a winning Megamillions ticket was sold here just last March.

The lucky streak of sales is big business for stores and states alike.

In Virginia, 60 cents of every ticket sold goes toward public schools while in Maryland and D.C. ticket sales benefit the general fund.

If the winner takes the $360 million cash payout, buying that ticket in Virginia would net the state more than $14 million in tax revenue.

In Maryland it would mean more than $31 million in taxes and in D.C. more than $32 million.

Then there are stores like Chowdry's, which could earn $50,000 for selling the winning ticket - $100,000 for a store in Maryland.