Power restored to Frederick Co. farmland

The work never seems to stop in the farmland of Frederick County, but it many of the farm houses that are sprinkled along the countryside, nothing has been working since Hurricane Sandy came to visit.

“It ripped this one right out of the post here and all these trees came down on the line and of course they are out of power, too,” says Bob Kengla.

Last week’s storm rolled through the valley behind Kengla’s home, uprooting trees and snapping several power poles.

“Mother Nature, she has a way of her own,” he says.

Kengla and his 92-year-old mother rode out the storm and have made it the best they could for a week without power.

“I guess we’re just sitting anxiously waiting. That’s all,” he says.

Power crews have been working tirelessly since last Monday, untangling twisted lines and replacing snapped poles.

“There was a lot of damage done. A lot of damage,” says Rebecca Starkey.

There have been pockets of neighborhoods that have had to wait patiently for help.

“It’s been about seven days. It’s been cold. It’s been a real mess and why they didn’t know and thought we were up running, I have no idea,” says Chuck Furlough.

Slowly but surely help is arriving.

Late Monday afternoon, power crews up the valley flipped the switch and the lights came back on.