Power outages, traffic jams frustrate Rockville residents

Frustrations are mounting a cleanup efforts continue in Maryland.

In Kensington, trees knocked down by Friday's storm still block the roads, causing major traffic headaches for commuters Monday.

Meanwhile, homeowners continue to pick up the pieces in a number of neighborhoods.

For many, this isn't the first time downed power lines have cast challenges on their neighborhood. ABC 7 first met Patrick Schmidt during the blizzard aftermath in 2011. Now, it's the hot weather version of the same calamity.

"Old neighborhood...everything's above ground. There's nothing we can do about it. We just gotta take it as it comes," Schmidt said.

The area around Connecticut Avenue has not weathered storms well over the past few years. Since the massive power outages during 2011, Pepco has trimmed trees away from power lines, giving them a "Y" shape. But, some neighbors say the pruning caused not just branches to fall, but the trees themselves.

Schmidt added, "The way their cut, they just fall in."

Others say Montgomery County must bear some blame.

While police have taken over directing traffic in some intersections, more than 200 residents are still in the dark. Part of southbound Connecticut Avenue in a section near Viers Mill Road was closed from Friday night until late Monday afternoon, making already frustrated residents even more so.

Resident David Cox exclaimed, "It's ridiculous. That's my only thought. I can't believe it hasn't been taken care of."