Power outage dampens Fourth of July plans

Storm damage continues to litter the streets across the region. Photo: Jim Joslyn

Frustration is mounting for homeowners struggling without power this Fourth of July holiday, while their neighbors are seeing the light.{ }

David Asselin hasn’t had power in his College Park home since Friday.
“Sunday, they told me that no one had called in a power outage,” he said.

A crew was in his neighborhood Tuesday and most of his neighbors’ power has been restored, but David is still seeing red.

“It gets frustrating when you and maybe three other houses are the ones that don't have power,” Asselin said.

He added, “I would like to have some air conditioning. It’s hot out here.”

The story is much of the same for Falls Church resident Nancy Ausfelder, who also feels trapped on a power island.

“Power [has been restored] for everyone in the neighborhood but me and my neighbor,” she said.

Ausfelder says Dominion Virginia told her the damage between her home and the utility pole is her responsibility to fix. She’ll be without power until that’s completed.

“This isn't right,” she declared. “The power company just wanders off and tells you it’s your problem.”

Over in Laurel, Wendell Washington is singing the same tune.

“Up the street they have power, down the street, they have power,” he said.

Going on several days without electricity, Washington is trying to keep a good attitude.

"We're holding up, we're holding up, it could be worse," he said.

People in the Laurel area who still have no power can find a respite for their electronics, at least. Duracell has set up a charging station at the Lowe's at 14300 Baltimore Avenue.