Potomac Yard Metro models to be unveiled to the public on Thursday

(WJLA) – Alexandria City staff will present design models and an updated environmental planning process overview of the proposed Potomac Yard Metrorail station at a community meeting on Thursday.

One after another, metro trains zoom right through Potomac Yard as construction crews and cranes stay busy at work.

And with a lot more residents planning to move in to the new complexes being built, some think a new metro stop makes sense.

Option A for a new Potomac Yard stop would sit right in the Potomac Greens neighborhood. And while Linda Hann and her family would like to see the station a bit farther north, she thinks it will ultimately improve property values and convenience in Potomac Greens – even if it means more congestion.

"We bought knowing that, so I don't think we can complain…We'll hop on the metro and we'll use it,” she says.

The next option, Option B, would have the metro stop placed just north of Potomac Greens, adjacent to George Washington Parkway.

Across the tracks and behind the Target store is Option C. Unlike the first two options, this would be an above-ground station, built not far from plenty of new family homes, parks, and playgrounds. But one nearby resident says:

“I'm concerned the metro will bring in more people who aren't quite as committed to keeping it safe, keeping the playgrounds safe.”

The final option would have the station lie west of the CSX tracks, but require actually moving the tracks to make way for the Metro.

Residents have expressed concerns that a new station would ruin the natural look of the GW Parkway, but city visuals show that it might not be as bad as feared.

However, a long process that started with many more options is now down to just a few.

The Potomac Yard Metrorail Implementation Group (PYMIG) meeting, where the models will be unveiled, will be examining each of the build alternatives for the metro line.

Once built, the station will follow along the yellow and blue metro lines. The physical model on Thursday will show the relationship of each alternative to its surroundings while the digital model will show how each alternative might appear to drivers traveling on the George Washington Memorial Parkway. The models were developed to provide a better understanding of the impacts of the station alternatives.

The meeting is scheduled from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Sister Cities Room 1101 at City Hall, located at 301 King St. in Alexandria. Models of the station will be on display in the Vola Lawson Lobby on Cameroon Street for two weeks beginning at 5:30 p.m. Thursday.