Potomac robbery suspect photos released

Montgomery County Police say this is one of the suspects involved in the robberies. (Photo: MCPD)

More than two weeks after the second of two incidents in North Potomac in which victims were rammed from behind while driving, one in which a man was kidnapped, Montgomery County Police detectives have released photographs of the suspects.

The two "crash robberies" were very similar in nature, though one of the incidents was much more violent in the other. On April 3 and 14, a victim was rammed from behind by a car that contained the suspects inside.

In the first one, which happened just before 11:30 p.m. on April 3 near Jones Lane near Turkey Foot Road, a 49-year-old woman who was driving a Range Rover was hit from behind. When the suspects noticed that the victim was on her cell phone, though, they sped away.

The victim in that case then told ABC 7 News that she was extremely dissatisfied with the way the responding 911 dispatcher handled her complaint.

"The man said, 'Well, if you were in an accident, get out and exchange information,'" she said. "I'm like, what are you, crazy?"

Eleven days later, the alleged suspects struck again, and this time, they kidnapped the driver. At about 12:20 a.m. on April 14, a 58-year-old male victim said he was struck from behind on Jones Lane near Carry Back Drive. When he got out of the car to talk to the suspects, the men, armed with a long gun and a knife knocked him to the ground and tied him up.

Police say he was then forced into the truck of his car, after which the suspects drove him around and took money out of his accounts at various ATMs. He was then released in a Jones Lane church parking lot, after which he was treated at and released from an area hospital.

In both cases, the suspect vehicle is described as a white or light-colored truck of SUV with Maryland tags.

In the recording obtained Monday you can hear the frightened woman ask the call taker what to do. And you can understand why police are asking for help to identifying the masked man

Police Dispatch: Anytime there's and accident you're supposed to stop.

Caller: I think this guy is following me you don't understand … he hit me from behind when I was stopped now he's turning around and I’m afraid.

Betty Martinez has lived in the community for 35 years.

“Never ever has anything like this ever happened in this community and it frightening,” she says. “It’s just really frightening.”

Anyone with information about these incidents in urged to contact detectives at (240) 773-5070.