Potomac Nationals to get new stadium

The Commonwealth of Virginia, Prince William County and the Potomac Nationals are teaming up to fund a multi-million dollar stadium.

Potomac Nationals General Manager Josh Olerud said, "We're going into a facility that will be not only state of the art but a huge attraction for the county."

The 7,000-seat stadium will be located at the new Stonebridge Development.{ }

"It's just really going to help us increase our awareness and increase our brand, bring in more fans," Olerund added.

The state, the front office and private sector investments will help fund the $25 million stadium and surrounding development.{ } It's unclear where the rest of the funding will come from.

Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart explained, "Almost none of that will come from Prince William County, and that's really the beauty of it."

The area will feature dozens of shops and even a commuter parking lot right at the new stadium.

Stewart said, "This is destined to be the premiere entertainment destination in the I-95 corridor in northern Virginia."

Inside the new park there will be an updated press box, new suites and individual seating. No more benches and bleachers, and players say it's about time.

Adam Carr, a Potomac Nationals player, said, "It gets players going when you have fans."