Potomac hate crime leaves vehicles vandalized

(WJLA) - A message of violence and hatred on a school bus for a Jewish group at a Potomac synagogue still has traces of a swastika sign.

Along another quiet suburban street nearby, a car windshield also got hit with a swastika, along with a reference to Nazis.

Two of the incidents occurred just feet apart, and the third took place a few blocks away between April 18 and April 21 – not long after a white supremacist allegedly went on a hate-filled killing spree targeting Jews in Kansas.

And in this neighborhood with a large Jewish population, the graffiti sparked fear and outrage.

The arrests of two juveniles came after investigators took surveillance video area high schools. Once someone identified the 16-year-olds, police arrested and charged them.

Meanwhile, some wonder what motivated the teens to do this. Investigators believe the pair is responsible for as many as 20 recent acts of vandalism. One person associated with the investigations said that he believe s the pair acted more out of stupidity than bigotry.

Still, the messages are being taken seriously by residents and police.