Potomac ATM attempted robbers flee, police on the lookout

The truck and backhoe are both believed to have been stolen as well. Photo: Brianne Carter

Police are searching for three suspects that are accused of trying to pull out an ATM machine in Potomac with a backhoe.

Police got the call for the incident at around just before 2 a.m. Tuesday at a Bank of America branch along River Road and Falls Road.

Montgomery County Police Capt. Paul Starks says that three suspects were caught on camera driving up to the bank and attempting to remove the ATM from the building.

"(The suspects) put it in the back of a pickup truck and were attempting to leave when police began arriving," Starks said.

New surveillance photos show the masked trio of men in action. They used that yellow excavator to yank the presumably cash filled ATM off its footings and load it in the pickup truck. Police say it likely wasn't their first crime of the night.

“They believe the truck and equipment are stolen,” says Starks.

Police say that the suspects did not succeed in taking anything, but will be charged with attempted theft and destruction of property if caught.

Montgomery County Police are searching for the suspects, which are dressed in dark clothing and white gloves. The suspects fled on foot.

Police have reason to believe both a truck and the backhoe, which were both left at the scene,{ }were stolen.