Potholes remain a problem in D.C. into summer

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - They're the lingering effect of winter that just won't go away: potholes. Washington's roads are still beat up, chewed up and punctured with them and crews are still working to catch up.

"It's bad. People have lost hubcaps and gotten flat tires," District resident Linda White said. "Just like someone wrote on the neighborhood listserv, it's almost like a third world country."

The pothole patches put in place by the District Department of Transportation are a temporary fix, but it's all the crews can do to keep major thoroughfares like 16th street passable. D.C. has filled 50 thousand potholes since the end of winter and 15 crews remain in service, repairing sidewalks and curbs.

Long term, the roads will have to be repaved, a process that has already begun on 16th Street starting a mile from the White House all the way to the Maryland border. That process is only in its initial phases and while it progresses, drivers are stuck dodging potholes well into the summer.

"It's very frustrating because it's in front of my house," D.C. resident Maurice White said. "It held up traffic for a long time and again, it's not finished. They need to come back and repave and finish the street. 16th Street can't look like this."