Potholes prevalent in cold weather

(WJLA) - With winter comes cold weather, shorter days, and lots of potholes.

It doesn’t seem to matter where you live in the D.C. area. You won’t have to drive long in order to find one – or to run over one.

"Two in the last week," says driver Sarah Dwyer. "I heard it hit the bottom of the chassie or whatever. I know it made noise."

We went on pothole patrol Tuesday with one of D.C.’s pothole killers – Tyrone Tolliver. We rode along in his high-tech, hole-filling truck that within minutes blasts dirt and gravel into a pothole, then covers it with blacktop.

And even in the rain, it was a busy day for Tolliver:

“So far I've done 85 holes today."

Tolliver predicts that by the end of the day, he will have filled close to 200 holes.

The District Department of Transportation gets reports of 20 to 30 potholes a day, and they have three of these pothole-killing trucks in addition to six other trucks with crews that shovel hot asphalt.

On Tuesday, we saw small holes, medium-size holes, and this monster at 12th and Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast – hiding underneath a pool of water.

"They are a pain aren't they? They are and they do a lot of damage to your car," says Dorothy Thomas.