Potholes pose problems for drivers and DDOT

(WJLA) - Watch as vehicle after vehicle navigate this obstacle course – otherwise known as Western Avenue in Northwest D.C.

"It's a rocky ride, it's a rocky ride," says driver Tom Sweeney.

This stretch of roadway littered with potholes is among the worst we’ve seen all day.

"I come along this way a couple times a week and every time I think, is there another street in Washington as bad as this?!" asks Shelby Conley.

Local drivers say that despite numerous calls to DDOT to come repair these holes, nothing has been done. But perhaps it isn’t entirely DDOT’s fault.

"This was the worse winter for potholes, and I can understand why," says Sweeney.

This winter’s extreme conditions have been challenging for many local road crews. DDOT has already filled 18,000 holes this year alone, yet there are many remaining out there.

"It's crazy hell all over the city," says SE resident Victor Lawrence.

Barry Farm residents know the problem well, as the potholes in their particular neighborhood are legendary:

"Every 20 feet or so you're gonna hit something," says Lawrence. "So you know, you just have to take your time or tear your company truck up or your own truck up."

The potholes aren’t just a nuisance, but a legitimate problem. Our traffic tracker captured one on GW Parkway causing long backups so extreme that police were actually called in to steer drivers away from it.