Potholepalooza 2013 kicks off

Potholepalooza is back.

The District of Columbia's month-long campaign to fix the city's most pockmarked roads began Monday. It's the fifth time the District Department of Transportation will undertake the massive effort.

Potholes bloom all across Washington every spring. Even though we had a cold but comparatively mild winter, the city still sees plenty of potholes.{ }

“My car does not handle them well at all. It sounds like something is going to break under there so I have learned to look for them and drive around them,” Randy Doster says.{ }

The mayor and the director of the District Department of Transportation helped fill in a few potholes on Monday.

Since the event was launched in 2009, DDOT crews have filled more than 21,000 potholes during the designated period. This year's Potholepalooza will run through May 22.

During Potholepalooza, DDOT says it will repair reported potholes within 48 hours. That's one day shorter than transit officials typically respond.

Residents who spot potholes that need to be fixed can call DDOT, email them at, report them online, tweet their location, use Facebook or use the DC311 mobile app. For all links, click here.