Pothole Palooza kicks off in D.C.

Pothole Palooza kicks off in D.C.

It's an annual D.C. tradition—Tuesday kicked off Pothole Palooza. The warmer months and changes in temperature can wreak havoc on the roads.

From winter to spring, potholes seem to pop up everywhere.

“Well we do it because there's likely to be so many potholes at that stage of the game, we're just coming out of the winter months, and that’s the period when we get more potholes than any other time. But, we do fix them all year 'round,” said D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.

During Pothole-palooza, D.C. transportation officials invite anyone who sees a pothole to call, tweet, or even use the city's new 311 app to alert the department. Then, repairs begin in just 48 hours.

Once the call is made, the most available crew to the location will come and fix the pothole.

It's welcome news for residents like Becky Silk, who says driving on D.C. roads can be a rough ride.

"It's pretty bad. I mean the biggest problem was after that storm we had a few years ago. Will all of the salt clean up and when it was finally gone; I thought were going to lose a tire in some of those potholes,” Silk said.

The program has been around since 2009, and since, has helped repair 19,000 potholes. Silk wishes it would extend to all urban plights.

“Oh I think it's a great program, but I wish they would do it about things other than potholes, too. Like littering in certain areas, like the National Zoo,” Silk said.

DDOT officials also say that because we had a mild winter, you'll likely see fewer potholes on the road.