Pothole crews working hard to make repairs

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A brutal winter has given birth to a myriad of potholes all across the D.C. area. From tiny ones to monsters.

"They are a disaster," says Ted Lewis. "High maintenance cost for your cars and during the rush hour they can be very dangerous."

Montgomery County crews came out to fix what was a medium size pothole in Bethesda Thursday afternoon and when trucks rolled through, the pavement gave way to a gigantic pothole.

Pothole repair crews are having their busiest winter in recent memory. Like the story of the boy putting his finger in the hole in the dam, crews have patched up after one storm, the next one rolls in and then they're back at work plugging holes again. The frigid cold, the ice, snow and then the warm ups coupled with the constant pounding from cars and the pavement cracks is the cause.

Montgomery County crews say they're fixing about twenty holes a day. D.C. And Prince George's repair crews were also working overtime Thursday.