Gas leak in NW sends dozens to hospital

Several dozen people have been affected by a carbon monoxide poisoning in Northwest.

Residents of a building on Harvard Street Northwest started feeling flu-like symptoms and passing out. Fire officials evacuated the 45 residents inside, of whom 43 were transported to a nearby hospital. Three of them were in serious condition.

The fire chief says it was crucial to get the residents away from the deadly gas as soon as possible.

A high level of carbon monoxide was detected in the building, D.C. Fire Department officials say. The building is home to the Second Genesis Rehab Facility, a privately owned rehabilitation clinic. Streets in the area were blocked while the fire department was on scene.

Zamal Butler boarded an ambulance bus and like many felt dizzy from the gas. Rescuers were called around 3:30 p.m. to the rehabilitation center in the 1300 block of Harvard Street NW for a report of multiple sick patients.

It's unknown if there were CO detectors in the building. Owners of the clinic arrived shortly after the evacuated but had no comment. Eric Kocmich, a neighbor of the group home, was left a bit uneasy. He hopes the leak wasn’t substantial.