Postal workers on edge after recent armed robberies

Postal workers are on edge after recent armed robberies that target post offices.

Police are looking for two men who they believe are responsible for robbing postal workers at gunpoint.

The men have been seen walking on to postal property in the early evening, pulling a gun and demanding money and other items.

"It's scary, it's very scary," said{ }Paula Callahan, a letter carrier. "We don't really have any security out here or anyone to protect us."

Investigators think the men have already robbed several locations: a branch in Congress Heights, an office in Fort Washington and two offices on Peninsula Avenue in the southeast.

"It's a federal crime to rob a post office or a letter carrier," said Lori McCallister, a postal inspector.

The Post Office released a surveillance video of the two men.

"One individual has a unique gate so we are hoping that the public will either recognize the two individuals as being together or the one individual from the way that he walks," McCallister said.

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