Tornado sighted in Worton

A tornado is seen in Worton on Thursday. (Photo: Jeff Conner)

Tornadoes in Worton, Md. sent debris flying Thursday afternoon but caused no damage or injuries.

The tornado went back up into the cloud four or five times and kept coming back down, according to witnesses.

A few miles northwest, Ken Germershausen was working on a boat at Rolph’s Wharf when he saw them.

A tornado in Worton (Photo: Jessica Wallace)

“It was crazy. They came one after the other about 15 minutes. Five of ‘em we saw,” he said.

According to the county’s head of emergency management, none of the twisters actually touched down anywhere other than in open fields.

There was no reported damage and no injuries in either Queen Anne’s or Kent counties.

A lot of people saw the tornadoes, which were visible from Route 213 from Centerville to Chestertown. That’s where Kevin Knox pulled over and took video footage of it.

“It’s definitely impressive and not something you want to mess around with,” he said.