Possible raccoon infestation at D.C. General homeless shelter

Possible raccoon infestation at D.C. General homeless shelter. (Sam Ford/ ABC7)

A resident at the D.C. General homeless shelter, sent us photographs of raccoons that she says were caught inside the building.

She complains that the critters are seen roaming the halls. She says she even seen one on an elevator. She says humane society and animal trappers have captured 11 raccoons in the last week or so.

Mothers at the homeless shelter say they worry about their children's safety with wild animals walking around inside of the shelter.

The spokeswoman for the D.C. Department of Humans services, which runs the shelters, says there are 674 people living in the shelter.

Dora Taylor says since 2013 D.C. Animal Control has been to the shelter 36 times and retrieve 23 raccoons. That does not count numerous trips made by private animal trapping companies.

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