Portion of Chevy Chase 'Green Mile' could be cut down for sidewalk

The tall trees located along busy Wisconsin Avenue in Chevy Chase are called the "Green Mile" by people who live nearby.

Several bus stop are also located on the stretch of road. But, what you won't find on the "Green Mile" is a sidewalk.

"I keep wondering if the mirror, if the sides of the mirror from a car is going to whack them, because they are that close," Beth Kevles, a resident of Chevy Chase, says.

The state of Maryland is looking into building a sidewalk along Wisconsin, between Grafton Street and Bradley Lane. But, the proposed plan could mean cutting down more than 50 trees to make room for the sidewalk.

{ }Chevy Chase resident Sarah Morse says, "And that someone would just plan a sidewalk...without thinking about the trees to me is environmentally inconceivable."

State officials say the sidewalk would take up eight feet of space, leaving two feet for grass. The state requires a six foot curb strip to plant trees.

However, there could be room for compromise.

If Montgomery County, the state of Maryland and nearby Chevy Chase meet in the middle on space.

"Ya know, I'd hate to see it become the half green mile or turn into the Rockville Pike," another resident argues.

The Little Falls Watershed Alliance has even set up a website to save the Green Mile.

Right now, there's no exact date on when the project might happen. Although, some have said it could be as early as this fall.