Poll shows Vincent Gray's popularity slipping

Along the U Street corridor, voters have strong opinions on Mayor Vincent Gray's job performance.

"I think he's had a really troubling start," says Katy Herr, who has lived in the District for 15 years.

Iverson Terrell says Gray has been in the mayor's seat only six months, and that voters should give him a chance.

"I think he's doing a pretty good job right now," Terrill says.

The political handicapping comes in the wake of a Washington Post poll that shows the mayor's popularity taking a hit, his favorability rating falling to 47 percent.

"I was hopeful", says Alvi Naduev. "However I think the way he started with the scandals sort of giving jobs and positions to his associates, that was unfortunate."

Several voters told us the numbers aren't surprising, given the headlines involving former mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown.

Brown says the Gray* mayoral campaign paid him and promised a job in exchange for smearing then incumbent Adrian Fenty.

Gray has denied any wrongdoing:

Dusty Horwill says, "I think he does need to steer clear of these ethics controversies."

The Post poll also says 46 percent of respondents say the city is heading in the right direction, while 36 percent say the wrong direction.

Still, the mayor does have his supporters.

Adria Crutchfield says, "Since Fenty left I think things have been pretty consistent. Obviously there's been some initial governance that I think Mr. Gray needs to work on."

I'm a little worried about him," Katy Herr adds. "I'm sure he'll pull it together. I hope he pulls it together."

So far, the mayor has not commented on the new poll.

See the full Washington Post poll here.