Poll: Ken Cuccinelli has slight edge over Terry McAuliffe

Advantage, Ken Cuccinelli - at least for now.

That's what the latest Washington Post poll says, anyway.

Pardon Terry McAuliffe if he shrugs.

It'll be another six months before Virginians select their next governor, and potential voters are greeting the election with something of a yawn. The Post reports that just about 10 perecent of those polls are even following the race closely.

Cuccinelli (R) leads McAulilffe 46 percent to 41 percent among all{ }voters,{ }according to the poll, and has a 51-41 lead among those who say they definitely will{ }vote.{ }

McAuliffe has a big lead over Cuccinelli among potential black voters but without President Obama on the ballot, turnout isn't expected to be anywhere near what it was last November.