Police tracked down NW drive-by suspect by surveillance, ankle monitoring bracelet

The 19-year-old suspect arrested last week in connection with a Northwest, D.C. drive-by shooting that hurt 13 people was undone by his Mercedes and ankle monitoring bracelet.

According to an arrest warrant, police identified Craig Wilson as a suspect in the March 11 shooting because his 1999 Mercedes was seen in surveillance footage near the incident, which occurred in front of the Tyler House Apartments at 1200 North Capitol Street.

After police identified Wilson as the owner of the Mercedes, they discovered that he was “on the scene at the time of the shooting” by checking his ankle monitoring bracelet, police stated in the warrant.

Police also say that Wilson removed his ankle bracelet later a few days after the shooting. Wilson was on probation for receiving stolen property.

Investigators believe four separate handguns were used in the drive-by shooting: Two 9 millimeters fired from the passenger side of each of the cars.

Shell casings from two 40 caliber handguns were discovered on the sidewalk, meaning someone on the sidewalk was likely firing back.

Police are still looking for 19-year-old Andrew Davon Allen, who is being called a "person of interest" in the case.

The victims in the shooting had injuries ranging from graze wounds to at least one person suffering a wound that left the victim in critical condition.

Craig Steven Wilson - Charging Documents{ }