Police: Search for Relisha Rudd in D.C. park concluded for the night

(WJLA) - Officials say they have ended Friday's search in a D.C. park for missing 8-year-old Relisha Rudd. Earlier in the day, Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier said that nearly 100 members of multiple different agencies were "aggressively" searching several sites for missing girl.

Lanier reiterated that although leads thus far have been discouraging, they still hope to find Relisha alive.

She added that authorities are still paying close attention to each and every lead that comes in about either Relisha or her alleged abductor, Kahlil Tatum, and that due to leads received, their search is limited to Kenilworth Park in D.C. - in fact, they are spread out over several sites searching for her.

In response to questions about what has seemed to be an ever-changing timeline about the last known sightings of both Relisha and Tatum, Lanier said that, as they interview more and more witnesses, it has led them to update the timeline as the investigation progresses.

Authorities have recently discovered that it appears Tatum may have had contact with as many as three or four other children at the D.C. General shelter where Relisha and her family had been staying, and where he had been employed as a janitor.

Lanier said there is no evidence yet that Tatum may have done anything inappropriate with the other children, but that based on the case involving Relisha, they are looking into that unfortunate possibility.