Police search for flasher in Manassas

A community is on edge after a man allegedly exposed himself to young boys and then taunted them in the Coverstone area of Manassas.

Police said the man approaches children from behind and exposes himself. In one instance, he asked the boys inappropriate questions. The suspect never touched the children.

As word of the incidents gets out, police are receiving more calls of concern.

"So far he hasn't hurt anybody, but we don't know if that could possibly escalate or not," said First Sgt. Kim Chinn, with the Prince William County Police.

The man exposed himself between 10:30 a.m. and noon on Dec. 5 and again on Dec. 11.

The first incident involved a 6-year-old boy who said a man exposed himself and then asked him a string of sexually provocative questions. The boy ran away but the man followed. The boy was able to get home safely.

The second incident involved a 12-year-old boy who was also able to get away safely.

Both incidents took place in the 11200 block of Soldiers Ridge Circle.

A manager of a nearby apartment complex said she believes she saw the man hanging around again Tuesday.

Police said there was a similar incident near a Chuck-E-Cheese restaurant. A witness in the area located a man matching the description and took the photo attached to this story.

On Wednesday, Prince William Mounted Patrol rode through the community to look for anyone matching the man's description.

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