Police release sketch of Georgetown University-area sex assault suspect

(WJLA) - U.S. Park Police have released a description and a sketch of the man who they believe sexually assaulted a woman in a park near Georgetown University on April 1.

Police say it happened around 8 p.m. in a section of Glover-Archbold Park near the intersection of Foxhall Road and Canal Road.

That area{ } is just west of Georgetown University's campus and a little east of D.C.'s Palisades neighborhood.

Park Police say after the assault the suspect ran away. There was no weapon used in the attack.
He is described as a black man with a light-brown complexion and a short haircut.{ } The suspect also has a tattoo of the letter "N" with stars down the center on his left hand.{ } He stands about 6 feet tall and weighs between 230 and 240 pounds.
He was last seen wearing a black jacket, a white shirt with a blue-and-black striped tie, black pants and black boots.

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