Police padlock Club Elite in Temple Hills due to violence

Prince George's County Police padlocked Club Elite in Temple Hills Friday afternoon.

It's part of an ongoing crackdown on nightclubs that police say are breaking the law.

Club Elite was the twelth establishment this year that police have shut down.

Technically they're closed for operating without a dance permit, and without a use and occupancy permit.

But it was a rash of violence that led to the closure.

Friday night the club was dark and desolate after police brought business to a halt.

The doors were locked for good after a recent wave of violence.

Wednesday night a man was shot while dancing and two weeks ago a man was stabbed in the parking lot. That caught officers' attention.

Now a notice lets customers know the business was operating without proper permits.

"This is a message we want to send to business owners, this is what will happen to your establishment if you violate our laws and threaten the safety of our communities," says PGPD's Hector Velez.

But the owner, Kenneth Mundey, claims the recent incidents were isolated and says he's willing to work with police to get doors reopened.

Mundey says he's losing out on thousands of dollars each night the lights are out.

"Everyone is losing money," he says. "We have 25 people that are without jobs right now. That's what everyone is missing out on. But we had an incident that happened that we don't ever want to happen in our establishment."