Police match DNA on holster at deli murder scene to man in custody

Hae Soon Lim.

Police have new evidence that could help them figure out who killed a beloved deli owner in Northeast Washington.

On June 14th Peter Lim's 64-year-old mother, Hae Soon Lim, affectionately known as June, was shot in the neck as she opened her store for business at 7th and H streets in Northeast.

The memorial service captured the number of lives she touched.

Now, 2 1/2 months later, police have a major new lead. Sources confirm DNA found on a gun holster left at the scene is a match to a man police have locked up on a parole violation, Steven Vondell Williams.

"Before it was ... we couldn't put a name or face to it," Lim says. "It was just a figure or figures that accosted my mother and did this. Now that we have actually have a name it is kind of like 'wow.' We can potentially call this person somebody."

The day of the murder, Lim's mother was alone. There were no witnesses. He says she had money for the ATM. That was gone he says and so was the money for the lottery and cash machines.

While the DNA link and the arrest of a suspect is hopeful, Lim cautions the case isn't closed.

"I have family and friends calling. 'They caught the guy, they caught the guy.' But I have to remind them and say just because they found DNA on something in the store doesn't mean he was there," Lim says.

So as detectives continue their work, Lim has to focus on life after murder.

"Try to get my mom's store sold, try to find housing for my dad, and dealing with all the expenses and bank accounts. It is hard."