Police: Man arrested in shooting of innocent 17-year-old girl in Northeast D.C.

D.C. Police say an innocent 17-year-old girl in her car was caught in crossfire in Brentwood area shooting on Thursday. A man was also shot hospitalized. Friday, Aug 11, 2017 (Q McCray/ABC7)

Chief Newsham says a man has been arrested in connection with the shooting of an innocent 17-year-old on Thursday afternoon.

Twenty-one year old Philip Carlos McDaniel, of Norhteast DC was arrested and charged with assault with intent to kill, police say.

The shooting happened in the 1400 block of Saratoga Avenue, NE, at around 3:30 p.m.

When police arrived, they found a man who had been shot, and a woman inside of a car suffering from a gunshot wound.

According to Police Chief Peter Newsham, the girl, who was an innocent bystander in her vehicle at the time of the shooting, was transported to the hospital unconscious and breathing. Police say she was shot in her head.

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