Police: Kayaker shot on Md. creek

(WJLA) - In a setting seemingly devoid of violence, 57-year-old David Seafold-Kopp suddenly found himself the victim of a gunshot wound.

Seafold-Kopp launched his kayak at 4:15 p.m. Saturday at Main Creek near Bodkins Creek in Pasadena, Maryland – an area that he knows well, according to police.

Hours into the cruise, between 10:30 and 11:30 that night, Seafold-Kopp was struck by a bullet in his abdomen.

"We think this is isolated," said police during a press conference. "Possibly a stray bullet, we don't know..."

Seafold-Kopp remained on the water, paddling slowly and even passing out once before being found the next morning near his launch point.

"He said his biggest fear was he didn't want to fall into the river...feeling he would drown," said police.

Maryland Natural Resource Police do not yet know who shot him or where the bullet even came from – however, they believe it was a random, isolated incident.

"Very smart, really a great guy to work with," said neighbor Adam Polatnick of Seafold-Kopp. They both serve on the Condo Association at their complex in Reston. "We're all really surprised to hear this and we're glad he's okay."

"Surprise and shock I guess, that someone would shoot a kayaker,” said kayak instructor Mike Aronoff, who knows the area well where the shooting happened. He says it’s rural, marshy, and known for its calm.

"Whether it was an accident or a nut,{ }who knows," he said.{ }"Accidents happen and nuts are out there, but I've never heard of this occurring before."