Police investigate series of violent crimes in Chevy Chase

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The latest attack in affluent upper Northwest Washington unfolded along Runnymeade Place on Tuesday night, when police say two masked men took a woman’s car at gun point.

Earlier this month, a masked man who was also armed carjacked a vehicle only a few blocks away in Montgomery County. That car ended up being involved in a police chase and shootout.

Police say that a few days later, an armed intruder attacked an elderly couple in their home, but was quickly caught.

The first incident may sound familiar because, according to source, the same thing happened to the same person back in mid-January.

"He said, 'give me your keys and your purse' and then he put a gun in front of my face," said the victim -- whose identity we did not reveal -- of that crime back in January.

"When a gun is in your face, you do what the person says."

Now, police have stepped up their patrols and are calling on residents to lock their home and car doors.

"I wish it didn't happen at all, but we live in an urban area and this kind of stuff is going to happen," said Jeff Mullaney.

Mullaney says in light of this unusual spike in violent crime, residents can fight back by being more vigilant.

“It's not like it's a crime-ridden neighborhood by any stretch of the imagination, but we as neighbors I think have a responsibility to be a little more vigilant and work with the police as necessary and report when we see stuff happening."