Person of interest sought in Northwest robbery, sexual assault

Police have released new clues, including surveillance video of two persons of interest, in their search for two men they believe are responsible for a kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault in Northwest D.C.

Early Monday morning, a man and woman were abducted, beaten and robbed at gunpoint on Meridian Place. The two suspects then took the young woman around the corner to Oak Street, where they raped her.

Police say a person of interest can be seen in a surveillance video.

Dale Pfeifer of D.C. said, "Oh, I don't want to know about that. It makes me not want to run here in the morning."

Many who live in the area say they know of someone who has been the victim of a crime recently. The manager of a Meridian Place apartment building told ABC7 that several of her residents have been robbed and viciously beaten.

"Three. I would say three this past year," she added. "I had one gentleman who was disabled for an entire year after the attack."

Dale Pfeifer moved to Columbia Heights from New Zealand. She loves it, but she says she is worried.

"But when you hear things like that it makes you want to second guess, I guess."

However, residents say they have noticed an increased police presence in the area.

Northwest D.C. resident Lisa Evans said, "I was highly surprised, because there is a lot of police in the area."

The male victim in Monday's robbery is believed to have suffered a concussion. The woman is recovering from the assault as well. Police say the suspects wore ski masks during the attack.