Police investigate necklace thefts in Manassas

Prince William County police say over a four-day period three people were approached by a thief who yanked their necklaces until they broke.

"It's still scary," said Leonor Herrera, who was attacked this past Thursday around 6:00 p.m.

Herrera says she was about to enter her apartment's back door when the thief pulled her necklace until it snapped.

She says the necklace hurt the back of the neck as the suspect pulled it, and she also suffered a cut finger in the process. But the mental pain has hurt far more.

"All the time I'm scared," Herrera said. "When I go outside, I tell my son and my daughter, and they go with me because I'm scared."

Herrera was attacked at the Coverstone Apartments off Coverstone Drive in Manassas.

The day before Herrera's necklace was snatched, police say a 56-year-old man had his necklace ripped off him just a couple blocks away near the corner of Hiram Court and Notre Dame Street.

On Saturday, police say, the same thing happened to a 70-year-old woman. That victim lives about a mile from the other attacks in an apartment complex off Portsmouth Road.

In each case there is a similar description of the suspect. Police believe he is 15 to 20-years-old and around 5'10" or 6' feet tall.

In one case, an old black Toyota two door car with white plastic covering the rear passenger window was spotted, and police say they are on the lookout for it.

A Prince William County police spokesperson says the way the crimes are being committed is very unusual, and they're hoping the public can help them make an arrest before anyone else becomes a victim.