Police increase patrol near Anacostia High after large fight

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - When school let out Wednesday afternoon, police stood watch for blocks around Anacostia High School and took after kids they believed were loitering. It comes after a melee erupted after school Tuesday blocks away. One witness says at least 100 students were fighting.

“The kids were just running back and forth and they were like fighting while the police was out here, it wasn’t enough police for all the kids,” the woman says.

Police say it's all over rival neighborhoods. The school system brings Metro buses right up to the school to get kids out of the neighborhood quickly, but one mother says her daughter fled the bus after kids surrounded it Tuesday and ended up fighting.

“I’m scared for my daughter, you know, I’m really thinking that something is going to happen to her or that she is going to end up locked up.”

Anacostia’s principal said there are no incidents inside of school, but some students are so concerned about safe passage that they’re staying home.

Principal Ian Roberts praises D.C. Police, who were ready for any problems Wednesday, though one critic says the city is no longer focused on gang intervention as his group Peaceoholics once was.

“For like six years we had no problems in this area with this gang activity and now over the last year it has come back and not been addressed and it won’t get addressed until somebody gets killed,” says Ron Moten.