Police impersonators rob two victims in Arlington County

Police in Arlington are on the search for some suspected police impersonators.

People posing as police officers have struck on two occasions, robbing victims of money and jewelry, police say.

The two separate incidents that are believed to be unrelated. One happened to a motorist, the other to a homeowner.

In the 300 block of South Fillmore Street, a woman and her children were held at knife point by two men claiming to be police.

The suspects forced their way into the house at night after claiming to have a search warrant.

Once inside the Arlington Heights house, the two burglars stole $13,000 in cash and jewelry.

Police are investigating a second unrelated police impersonation incident that also took place last week.

A motorist was robbed when a fake cop pulled him over claiming the driver was speeding. This was in the 3700 block of Lee Highway.

"In both cases the subjects were in plain clothes," says Dustin Sternbeck of the Arlington Couny Police. "We want to advise residents or commuters in Arlington County that it's acceptable to ask for photo identification to verify they're actually affiliated with a police organization."